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Dan Lanigan Pty Ltd
ABN: 22 668 531 464
ACN: 132 653 224

PO Box 11240
Mackay Caneland
Queensland 4740

+61 434 499 377

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Design, drafting & document management

With over twelve years’ design and drafting experience in the mining and heavy industry sectors and utilising the latest in 3D design software, I can help you realise your design goals.

Mechanical Design

  • Ability to solve complex design problems with innovative and practical solutions;
  • Comprehensive knowledge of design standards, materials and manufacturing techniques;
  • Detailed designs which are fit for purpose, cost effective and ready for manufacture.

Detail Drafting

  • Efficient production of detailed manufacturing drawings complete with geometric and dimensional tolerances, weld and surface finish specifications and fully itemised bill of materials;
  • Attention to detail and excellent presentation skills;
  • Professional quality, easily interpreted drawings;
  • Fluency in several CAD software packages allows drawings to be created in your preferred native format;
  • Maintain commercial licenses for several CAD packages.

Document Management

Extensive experience implementing and administering document management systems for employers and clients has enabled me to understand the importance of document management and equipped me with the requisite skills to bring the benefits of document management to your business.

Product Visualisation

The production of rendered models of concepts and finished designs can aid visualisation and understanding for all stakeholders. Furthermore animations can bring your products to life even before they are made. These powerful tools can be the difference between success and failure. Let me help you succeed!

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